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Ever since I was asked to teach my first class, I have been hooked. I love to see the light in my student’s eyes when they grasp a new technique.

Listed below are the workshops and classes that I am currently offering. The full and half day workshops can be booked for group sizes from six to twenty. Contact me for date availability and current price list.

If you are going to be in my area, check to see if there is a class that you would like to take in my home studio. This list could be constantly changing so check back often.

All required tools and patterns will be available at the beginning of the scheduled workshop. Materials lists and pre-cutting instructions will be given when the workshop is scheduled.

I reserve the privilege to display books, patterns, tools, and related items available for sale at Trunk Shows and Workshops. Class time will not be used for selling these products. No commissions or other percentages will be paid to the sponsor, as the Trunk Show and Workshop fees are based on an expectation of sales.

Hunter Star

58” X 72” Lap Quilt or 30” X 86” Bedrunner
All Skill Levels
Six-Hour Workshop

Using Deb Tucker’s patented method and ruler, learn an easy way to make this traditional block. You will leave the workshop with many design options to create different looks with the same block. (Hunter Star™ tool required)

Crown Jewels

38" Square Quilt
Gutsy Beginner and Beyond
Six-Hour Workshop

Get ready for a great new method for constructing traditional Lemoyne Star blocks. Learn this easy way to strip piece and accurately construct the Lemoyne Star block without “Y” seams. After we have conquered the block construction, we will explore using partial blocks for greater design options. (Lemoyne Star™ tool and pattern required)


37" Square Quilt

Gutsy Beginner and Beyond
Six-Hour Workshop

Learn how to quickly, easily and accurately piece Lemoyne Star blocks in 10 different sizes. The block units are strip pieced and assembled without using any “Y” seams. The blocks are slightly over sized so that they can be trimmed to an exact size. (Lemoyne Star™ Tool required)

Waltzing Matilda

22” or 44” Square Quilt
Gutsy Beginners and Beyond
Six-Hour Workshop

I love to find new ways to make traditional patterns. Learn how to make the Tennessee Waltz pattern, in your choice of size, using the V-Block Trimmer™ and Corner Pop™ tools. (V-Block Trimmer™ and Corner Pop™ tools and pattern required)

Mini Dutchman

18" Square Quilt
Intermediate and Beyond
Six-Hour Workshop

In this workshop you will learn how to use the Deb Tucker, Studio 180 Wing Clipper™ tool in its smallest increment to make very accurate flying geese. We will assemble the blocks and set them on point in a staggered strippy set to create a zig-zag lattice. (Wing Clipper™ Tool and pattern required)

Pretty Pink Posies

17” Square Quilt
Intermediate and Beyond
Six-Hour workshop

Baskets are one of my favorite types of blocks. Paired with another favorite, the Lemoyne Star, and we have a match made in heaven. In this workshop you will learn how to make a 3” Lemoyne Star half block without any “Y” seams. We will then add a perfectly sized basket base. (Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star Tool, Lemoynes as Triangles Technique Sheet and pattern required)

Moonlight Daisies

53" X 65” Quilt
Intermediate and Beyond
Six-Hour Workshop

Create this pattern using Diamond Rects™ and Square2™ units. Learn how to get the perfect size diamonds and squares needed for the start of these units and then how to assemble and trim them to 100% accuracy. (Diamond Rect™ and Square2™ tools and pattern required)

Studio 180 Pattern

Varied Skill Levels
Six-Hour Workshop

Customize your workshop. Choose one Studio 180 Design pattern and learn all of the tool techniques that go into making that pattern. Only one pattern allowed for each workshop. (Tool(s) and pattern required)

Tiny Bindings for Tiny Masterpieces

All Skill Levels
Three-Hour Workshop

Learn how to make those fine 1/8” bindings to perfectly finish off your miniatures using the Marci Baker Method. (Technique Sheet Required)

Ring Around the Four-Patch

16” Square Quilt
All Skill Levels
Three-Hour Workshop

1 ½” finished Shaded Four-Patch blocks are a snap when using the Deb Tucker, Studio 180 method. We will learn how to make the block in an even smaller increment than Deb has designed and set it into a “Barn Raising” setting. (Tucker Trimmer™ and pattern required)

Fundamental Ruler

All Skill Levels
Three-Hour Workshop

Learn how to use any of the Studio 180 fundamental tools in depth. Choices include Wing Clipper™, Tucker Trimmer™, Square2™, V-Block Trimmer™, Corner Beam™, Split Rect™, Diamond Rect™, and Corner Pop™. Only one tool allowed per workshop. (Tool and technique sheet required)

Migrating Geese

Gutsy Beginners and Beyond
Three-Hour Workshop

I love Flying Geese whether in a block or in the border. This technique makes them even better. Learn a wonderful variation to flying geese that can be used as a border or for the entire quilt. (Technique sheet required)

Lemoyne Techniques

Intermediate and Beyond
Three-Hour Workshops

Customize your own workshops to learn the many ways to use the Rapid Fire Lemoyne Star™ tool. Workshops can range from an individual 3 hour workshop to learn a specific method to a series of up to 6 workshops to learn all the methods. Methods available are Fussy Cut, Triangles, Strip Pieced, Liberty, Banded, and Blazing. (Lemoyne Star™ tool and technique sheets required)

This informal presentation features quilts made from my own designs as well as Studio 180 patterns, for a combined total of at least 35 quilts! Hear about how I made the jump from a quilt teacher to designer and why I primarily use the Studio 180 range of tools. Presentation time averages approximately one hour, depending upon audience interaction and questions. A sturdy table (or even two) for quilt display, and two-to-four helpers for holding quilts is all that's needed for this fun presentation.

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